OER Webinar #1
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Shared Network webinar  Pressbooks

We're excited to unveil new features that streamline knowledge-sharing across higher ed systems and consortia and enhance collaboration between member institutions.

Date: May 22, 2024
Time: 12 - 1pm ET (9-10am PT)

If you’re part of a higher education system or consortium using Pressbooks’ digital publishing platform, you know this toolset empowers remarkable opportunities for learning, scholarship, and knowledge-sharing. You also know it can be challenging to build buy-in, manage and coordinate the work happening in Pressbooks across multiple member institutions. 

But with Pressbooks’ new Shared Network Plug-in, this challenge is getting easier. 

Expand Your Capabilities: 

Pressbooks’ new Shared Network Plug-in can help your community members increase collaboration and save time moving publishing projects forward.

Invite colleagues and join this webinar for a guided tour of Pressbooks’ Shared Network features and how they can work for you. Learn how to: 

  • Track user activity by member institution and the central network
  • Track book creation by member institution and the central network
  • Invite institutional managers to help administer Pressbooks for their communities
  • Report on publishing levels of members and the central network
  • Request and activate new Shared Network features for your organization


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